Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Hallett Academy Provides a balanced education of academic and social-emotional competencies in a safe, positive, and inclusive learning environment.

Our Vision

Every Student deserves learning experiences that promote a sense of wonder, joy and success.

Where Learning Begins

Who We Are
We are a community school committed to providing a safe, positive and inclusive learning environment. Hallett Academy is a place where students learn academic and social-emotional competencies, in support of their success. Hallett Academy is a place where students are known and surrounded by a community who cares, so that they can do their best learning.

What We Believe
At Hallett Academy, we prioritize social and emotional learning and believe that every student deserves to feel safe, valued and known as a significant member of our learning community.

Why We Are
Hallett Academy focuses on the unique needs of students ages 3-11, in an ECE-5 learning environment. We provide structures that allow students and team members to create a shared sense of purpose, predictable routines, and classroom rituals that foster a sense of belonging, safety and fun.