Core Values

Hallet Academy’s core values form the acronym HAWKS and are defined as follows:

Honor: At Hallett Academy, we seek to know and be in relationship with each other. We make others feel welcome and respected, and take care of each other physically and emotionally. We have a deep sense of belonging together in our school community.

Accountability: At Hallett Academy, we stand up for our own ideas without hurting others or negating their ideas. We think for ourselves, even in the face of peer pressure. We understand that our individual choices affect the entire school community. We accept the consequences that come from our choices, and learn from mistakes so we do not repeat them.

Wonder: At Hallett Academy, we are compelled to explore new ideas, concepts and situations, without expecting an external reward.

Knowledge: At Hallett Academy, we make a constant and earnest effort to work in harmony to achieve common goals. We are comfortable raising questions and testing our thoughts through brainstorming and discussion.

Self-control: At Hallett Academy, we choose our words carefully, and make appropriate decisions about our actions. We do what is necessary and reasonable without being told to do so, and even when we want to make a different choice.