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Updates From Hallett

Tuesday, September 1 – Thursday, September 3 will be assessment days.

  • 9-9:20 am: Morning meetings will take place
  • No synchronous learning on these dates
  • The rest of the day will be for baseline assessments

Supporting Your Student At Home

You do not have to be an expert to help your child with homework. The Colorado Academic Standards are focused on critical thinking so asking your child these three simple questions can help develop deeper understanding:

  • Ask “How do you know that?” to prompt your child to think critically about reaching an answer.
  • Ask “Can you prove it?” to encourage your child to defend a solution or explain an alternate route.
  • Ask “Can you use this in a real-world situation?” to spark thinking about using what’s learned in everyday life.


The DPS standards website provides additional information and parent resources on the academic standards and how you can help at home. Visit Colorado Academic Standards to find the following resources:

DPS guides:

  • Parent guides for all grade levels.
  • Standards and students with special needs.
  • Technology expectations by grade level.


For questions, please email

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Food Distribution

Go here for all complete information on curbside pickup, meal delivery, and for all other updates from DPS on food distribution.

Hallett is a a site for breakfast and lunch pickup Monday-Friday 11am-1pm.

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Contact one of our centers for support with food, rental assistance, job resources, health care, basic needs, energy assistance, and more

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