Frequently Asked Questions:


The staff at Hallett believes in “Dressing for Success!” Because we would like our students to represent success in their appearance as well as their academics, we would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that our dress code policy is in effect every day of the school year. There are examples of the school uniform located on the wall in the main office and are as follows: black or navy blue bottoms (denim included) and a navy blue polo shirt or gray Hallett t-shirts should be worn Monday – Thursday. On Friday, students may wear black or navy blue bottoms (denim included) which may be at least knee-length along with a Hallett t-shirt or a college t-shirt. All shirts are expected to be tucked in and belts should be worn.  Also, due to safety reason, please do not send you child to school with sandals or open toe shoes.   Tennis or closed toe shoes prevent your child from receiving injuries to their feet.

ŸPants: Only navy blue uniform pants, slacks capris or plain blue jeans.
ŸShirts: navy polo shirt or gray Hallett t-shirts (Shirts must be worn tucked in at all times).
ŸGirls are allowed to wear skorts, skirts, or jumpers with blue shorts underneath.
ŸBelts must be worn with all pants, if the pants have belt loops.
Shorts may be worn from April-September.

Lunch Menu

Please visit DPS Food & Nutrition Services to view the monthly menu.

Birthday Party Policy

The staff understands that parents want to bring in goodies when it is a child’s birthday.  However, this takes away valuable learning time from the whole class.  We have done the calculation and it would equate to approximately 10 hours of educational teaching time that students would lose if we allowed a birthday celebration for each student.   On the last Friday of each month from 3:15 – 3:45, parents will be allowed to bring in either a healthy snack or store bought snack to share with the classroom.  Please do not bring in balloons or party favors as this causes a distraction and can also be a safety hazard.

You are welcome to come and have lunch with your child on their birthday as well.