Save the Date – Lemonade in the Shade Party!

Save the Date – Lemonade in the Shade Party!
Join us from  10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on June 10 for a lemonade in the shade party on the playground! There will be snacks and refreshments for all. This gathering is for all Hallett family members, old and new, and the people they love most!

To RSVP or with questions please contact

Welcome to Mrs. Dominique Jefferson!

Hallett is thrilled to introduce our principal! Please enjoy her introduction letter:
Introduction Letter 2017Introduction Letter 2017

Movie Night!

We will be having our first movie night on Friday October 14th at 6:30pm.

Come watch “Home”.

We will be serving Chick-fil-A , Lil Caesars Pizza and Popcorn. Only drinks that will be allowed in the Auditorium will be water.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!  to help setup, clean up, serve food, or supervise the gym please let me know. The gym will be open for kids to play in also.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Bernard Ogletree, All Pro Dad Captain or 720-463-1970.


Family Financial Fitness Family Night

The ECE team is inviting ALL to attend our 1st annual Family Financial Fitness Family Night.  Oct. 6th from 5:30 – 7:30 PM.

We encourage you to help spread the word with your students and their parents.  Come join the fun, eat dinner with your families, learn how to save and invest for your future, and if something should happen….. is your family covered?  We invite our Hallett team of administrators, teachers, paras and staff to share in this exciting experience with your families.

Who’s coming?  Listed below are a few community partners coming to our event.  Come and meet them to find out how you can invite them back to your classrooms!
•       Young American’s Bank
•       Wells Fargo Bank
•       Cooking Matters-“My plate on a Budget”
•       Earl Conway Financial Planning Services
•       BBCA Compass Bank
•       Prime America, Alisha Brooks our very own Hallett parent
•       Wills and Wellness Estate Planning
•       Roslyn Reese, putting financial affairs in order when facing an illness
•       DJ Duane Kuta and more!!!!!
Well, there is more…..  The class with the highest attendance %, the teacher will win a gift card to Lakeshore Learning Materials or Banks School Supply.

Still more…….Students can enjoy money game in the GYM, families and staff can win CASH, gift cards and door prizes!

Again, help support the ECE team in our efforts to come together to BUILD FINANCIAL SECURITY in our Community.


Don’t forget, this is a school wide events and ALL students and adults are invited.

The ECE Team THANKS you in advance for support in our efforts to raise awareness about fiscal responsibility.

Hallett Library Lives On!

 After a year hiatus, the Hallett library is soon to be up and running.  Check out  of books for all children will start the end of September.   A librarian will be available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday mornings to accommodate classes of children, as well as, to extend and support literacy.  Volunteers would be greatly appreciated Mondays and Tuesdays.  Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Four Students Teach Teachers at DELPA

Four Hallett kindergarteners taught DPS teachers an iPad app called Fotobabble at the DEPLA conference on June 16th.

A special thank you to the parents for bringing their student across town:-) Thank you to Mrs. Garcia and Mrs. Makely for facilitating this opportunity

Check out their work! IMG_7901 IMG_7905 IMG_7906 IMG_7908 IMG_7910 IMG_7913 IMG_7915

Last Edition of “The Hallett Times”

We are so very fortunate to have The Denver Links work with our students. Please enjoy the Newspaper Club’s last publication! The Hallett Times – Volume 4 %281%29 (1)

4th Grade ESL Students Publish on Amazon

Congratulations to our 4th grade ESL student publishing their book reviews on Amazon!


Basketball Superstars 2016

Written K.C. Kelley

Illustrated by K.C. Kelley

Reviewed by Ely, age 10

Have you read Basketball Superstars 2016? This book is about the best basketball players in the world. It gives facts about the players. One fact about Lebron James is he was so skilled at basketball he did not go to college. Another awesome fact is about Russell Westbrook. He pulled a triple double that was very difficult. Read this book so you can see the greatest players in the NBA.

My favorite part is when Stephen Curry made 51 points and only missed six shots. I like this story because   it makes me feel like I am in the NBA. I think the pictures in this book are very exciting and they are colorful. It shows the basketball players shooting the ball in full color.

I recommend this book to people who like basketball and who want to see who are the players around the NBA and what they are doing. This book is the best book in the world.



The Wizard of Oz

Written by l. Frank Baum

Reviewed  by Ismael O., age 9

The Wizard of Oz is about a girl named Dorothy who gets teleported to  a magical place and meets a scarecrow,  a tin man, and a lion. So the scarecrow convinces Dorothy to find the Wizard of Oz so she can go home.  The scarecrow, tin man, and lion had wishes too, like the scarecrow wanted a brain, the tin man wanted a heart, and the lion wanted courage. They all go on this long journey. I will not tell you more. You will have to find out for yourself.

My 3 favorite parts are when  Dorothy  goes home because I would like to go home too.  Also when the witch died because she was like “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m melting!” It was so funny.  “Ahhh I’m melting ha ha ha.” Last but not least I really liked the illustrations.  They were amazing, just amazing.

This book got my full attention. It has lots of adventure. I recommend this book to people who like adventure.  Once you open this book, you will go on an adventure.




ESL Students Review Books on Amazon!

All 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students published book reviews.

Here are some examples:

Crictor Written by Tomi Ungerer Illustrated by Tomi Ungerer

Reviewed by Jesus, age 9

This story is about a old lady who lives in France.  Her name is Madame Bodot.  She get a snake for her birthday from her son.  She names it Crictor.  Madame

Bodot and Crictor are like best friends.  He even gets his own bed.  I can’t tell you any more.  You need to read this book to find out what happens next.
My favorite part is when the robber tries to break in because Crictor save Madame Bodot.  What I like about the book is that is has good funny drawings. For example, the author puts Crictor sitting with other kids in their class .  I liked the part when Crictor is helpful with the kids at school.  He plays with the kids outside  too.

This book is good for people who like snakes because this book is about a pet snake.  I recommend this book to this school because it is very funny.  I think you should read this book because it can teach you how to make new friends.


I Wanna Iguana     Written by Karen Kaufman Orloff Illustrated by David Catrow

Reviewed by Gisselle, age 10

This story is about a boy named Alex who really wants an iguana.  Alex writes to his mom to convince his mom to let him have a pet iguana.  His mom writes him back.  One of the reasons he writes to his mom is that iguanas are cuter than hamsters.  This does not convince his mom.  Read this book to find out if he gets the iguana.

My favorite part is when he said if he gets the iguana it can be his brother.  I like how he writes to his mom giving his mom reasons why he wants a pet iguana.  I think that Alex writes to his mom a lot because he is trying to convince her to let him have a pet iguana.  His mom also writes him back because his mom is giving him reasons for him not to have a pet iguana.  The part I did not like was when he said he was responsible.

This is a good book because Alex really wants an iguana.

Maybe you want something and you don’t get it.  I think you should read this book because you might not get what you want.  This book is good for people who like really funny stories   The lesson in this story is that even if you want something that you really like, you still have to obey your parents.  I recommend this book to people who like funny stories.


Max and Ruby’s First Greek Myth

Pandora’s Box     Written by Rosemary Wells      Illustrated by Rosemary Wells

Reviewed by Hailey, age 9

This story is about Pandora’s Box, a Greek myth.  The main characters are Pandora and her mother. In the beginning of the myth, Pandora’s mother told Pandora, “Don’t open my magic jewelry box.” Pandora tried to keep her mind off the box by doing many things, but she opened it.  Lots of bugs came out of the box.  Read the book to find out what happened next.

My favorite part was when to her brother Max  so he would know what the sign on Ruby’s door said.  It said, “No! This means you!”  Ruby did not want Max to peek in her jewelry box.  What I like about the pictures is the author is creative and she makes the characters into bunnies.

This book is good for people who like myths.  I think this book is good for people who have books that are myths. This is a good book because if you get told by someone don’t open their box or mess with their stuff, something bad could happen.


The Clever Monkey

A Folktale from West Africa   Retold by Rob Cleveland  Illustrated by Baird Hoffmire

Reviewed by Walter, age 9

Do you like cheese? This was a tale of a clever monkey who liked cheese more than anything. The clever monkey saw two cats with a chunk of cheese, but the cats didn’t know how to split the cheese. So when the monkey saw the cheese, the monkey ate some of the cheese and split the cheese.  If you want to know what happened, you can read the book of the clever monkey and the two cats.

Also my favorite part is when the clever monkey kept eating the cheese. For example, I like cheese because cheese is good for your body.  I liked the part that the monkey liked cheese more than anything.

I think you should read this book because this book was funny when the clever monkey got fat.  This book is good for people who like cheese.


Clifford’s Family   Written by Norman Bridwell  Illustrated by Norman Bridwell

Reviewed by Socorro, age 9

This story is about a big red dog named Clifford and Emily Elizabeth the girl who lives with Clifford.  They go back to their old home in the city to visit Clifford’s family.  The first dog that Clifford visits is his mom.  The second dog is his sister. The next dog he visits is his brother. His other sister is a farm dog. She herds sheep into their pen.  Clifford wants to do some farm work.  One of the cows is a bull, and the bull doesn’t like red.  Clifford jumps out of the way of the bull.  The dad doesn’t have a dog house but the children love the dad.

I liked that Clifford finds his family in the city, that he finds his mom, sister, brother, his other sister, and his dad.  My favorite part is that Clifford’s brother is a helper at the fire station.  Clifford helps the people to climb down.  They need to climb down because the house is on fire.

I think you should read this book because his family have a lot of jobs to do.  And Clifford helps people.  This book is a great book to read because Clifford finds his family in the city, and his family have jobs to do.


Hallett is in Forbes Magazine!

Each week, our 4th and 5th grade students participate Uplift program. Uplift provides community support to Denver’s youth.

Click here to read the article.