2nd Graders Are Whispering!

Congratulations Ms. Muhammad! She was recently awarded a community partnership grant from Westerra Credit Union to purchase a RedCat Sound System.  This system allows her to amplify her voice so all students can hear. Even better: the students are using the sound system when they share their thinking in literacy and math! It’s really powerful!


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5th Grade Students Publish!

Congratulations to the students in Ms. Hamilton’s and Ms. Rosenberg’s classes!!!

Both classes recently published their work to the web!
Ms. Hamilton’s class concluded a well-designed Immigration unit by creating a Prezi to share what they’ve learned: http://dpshallett.wikispaces.com/Ms.+Hamilton+2014

Ms. Rosenberg’s class created Google Presentations to share what they learned about decimals: http://dpshallett.wikispaces.com/Ms.+Rosenberg+2014


Academic Mentorship Recipient

Congratulations to Yourdanos a 5th grade student in Ms. Rosenberg’s class! She has been selected for an academic mentorship. She will work with a medical student as she follows her passion for cardiology. This is Hallett’s first ever academic mentorship! Make us proud Yourdanos!

Published Work

Check out Ms. Hamilton’s 5th graders! They recently published their immigration research using Prezi!http://dpshallett.wikispaces.com/Ms.+Hamilton+2014

Celebrate Genero!

Let’s celebrate Genero. He’s our Hallett Hawk winner!

Celebrate Jeremiah!

Congratulations to Jeremiah! He is this week’s HAWK!



We celebrate Genero! He is a 5th grader in Ms. Hamilton’s class who just started in the new technology lunch club that meets every Monday. Keep an eye on the webpage because we will share new things the lunch bunch publishes! Genero was chosen because he is in the safety patrol. His job is to keep the school safe by making sure there are no fights and everything goes well. One thing you might not know about Genero is that he loves chocolate chip cookies made by his Gram!

Genero is in 5th grade. He plays football. He loves to read and hang out with his little brother, Lawrence.

Highlighted Hawks

Help us celebrate the good work of our students! Tell us about a student that should be highlighted for their work in the classroom and/or our community. Be sure to check back to learn about our Hallett Hawks! Email: Roberta_makely@dpsk12.org any Hawk ideas!